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Try Our Turtle Safari at Ostional Wildlife Refuge

Olive Ridley Turtle at Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica

As seen on the satellite map below, the Tree Tops Bed and Breakfast Inn at San Juanillo is just a short distance from the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge (about 6km, 5 minutes aboard our boat) and the town of Nosara. Our proximity to the park allows us the unique opportunity to offer our guests a sea turtle safari which is your chance to view the Olive Ridley and Leatherback sea turtles in their natural habitat aboard Tree Tops private boat.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge, at Playa Ostional on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, protects marine turtle species, such as the Olive Ridley (Lora) and Leatherback (Baula). The Olive Ridley Sea Turtles of Ostional are world famous for their Arribadas, massive turtle nestings and egg layings, when the nesting beach can be covered with thousands of turtles at once.

Arribadas at this beach are considered the largest in the world, with as many as a million sea turtle eggs laid in the beach nesting areas each year. The Arribadas occur on a lunar cycle of approximately 28 days. The majority occur around the last quarter of the cycle although this event may take place at any time including the full moon and two Arribadas (first and last quarter) may occur in the same month. The size and duration of the Arribadas varies between the dry and wet seasons. Those occurring in the dry season of January to April tend to be smaller (approximately 5,000 turtles) and of shorter duration (less than four days). In the wet season of May to December, up to 300,000 turtles may lay over a period of eight to 10 days.

Enjoy our hospitality and lodging at Tree Tops Bed and Breakfast and don't forget to schedule a swim with the sea turtles at Ostional Wildlife Refuge aboard Tree Tops own boat.

Satellite photo of Tree Tops Bed and Breakfast and Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica Olive Ridley Turtle on beach at Ostional near Nosara, San Juanillo and Tree Tops Bed and Breakfast

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